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Spiel Mich! Art Spotlight

The comic solidarity created a card game project in which comic artist from Germany participated with their comic characters. You can find one "Carrier of the Mask" character in the first and second card game edition.

Find more about the "Mask" and the "Dion" card in this blog entry (only in German): https://medium.com/spielmich/dark-fantasy-jagd-nach-der-maske-4997de6fd46f

The cards are strictly limited. The Dion card from the first edition is already out of stock. The Mask card is still available here. TIP: The only way to get a Dion card is to buy booster packs from the first edition. More info about the project here: https://medium.com/spielmich/was-ist-spiel-mich-7aa39eeb6d96

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