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In a distant future, history repeats itself again.


Refugees are deported to camps, forced into heavy labour and marked with a number on the back of their hands.


The young refugee #42036 works tirelessly to buy his family free from slavery. However, after losing both of his arms to a landmine, he can no longer work at the camp. 


The fate of refugee #42036 seems to be sealed.


In the eyes of society, he is now merely a piece of walking meat – but a vision of a mysterious mask gives him new hope. The mask might have the ability to give his wearer the power of a god. A power that he could use to free his family and all Numbers from slavery.

But the mask inherits a dark secret and it's power comes with a price ...


Become the "Carrier of the Mask".


The mask is a relict from the forbidden land that was discovered by the landlord Van Larva. The possession of relics is punishable by death. Under utmost secrecy, Van Larva started to study the mask to learn about the secrets of the forbidden land. ​


All he needs now is a disposable test subject. 

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