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"vinny-vieh" is the nickname of Anna Hörner, who was born in Siberia but grew up in Germany. As a young student, she discovered a Dragon Ball Manga in the library. Since then she has started drawing her own comics. Drawing comics became her most passionate hobby next to sports and video games.


  • state inspected digital media designer

  • bachelor of arts in intermedia design



  • graphic artist and designer


Favorite mangas:

  • Attack on Titan, Berserk, Gantz, Fire Punch, Monster, Trigun


Favorite games:     

  • Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, Killer7, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy


The inspiration behind
"Carrier of the mask"

"Some people have asked me
what inspired me to create a hero without arms. Here is the answer: I practised taekwondo for many years. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses on kicking techniques. To become more flexible, I tried to use my legs and feet for everyday tasks like picking things up off the floor or closing doors. Suddenly I wondered what life would be like if I used my legs instead of my arms. This is how the main character 'Dion' was born."



  • "Carrier of the Mask" hits over 316k views on VoyceMe 2024

  • Publication of "Carrier of the Mask: Volume 3" in May 2023

  • "Carrier of the Mask" hits over 240k views on VoyceMe 2022

  • "Carrier of the Mask" hits over 140k views on VoyceMe 2021

  • "Carrier of the Mask" was selected as a "VoyceMe Original" 2021

  • Publication of "Carrier of the Mask: Volume 2" in September 2020

  • 2. place Contest "Test your limit" 2019

  • Publication of "Carrier of the Mask: Volume 1" in July 2018

  • Publication of "Lamento" in "Kotori" anthology 2017

  • 1. place "Pimp my Character" Animania Award 2014

  • 1. place Tori Project "Cope Soul" drawing contest 2014

  • 3. place at gamescom t-shirt design contest 2011

  • 1. place logo contest "Hanami Maid-Café" 2011



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vinny-vieh | Anna Hörner | Unterfeldstr. 22 | 76149 Karlsruhe | GERMANY

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