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AnimagiC & CCON 2023

This year I was at the Comic Park Erfurt, the Nonkicon Speyer, AnimagiC and Comiccon Stuttgart.

My personal highlight was AnimagiC in Mannheim. Never before have I received so much interest and feedback. Volume 3 was completely sold out. It's not even a year since I published Volume 3 and I've already had to reprint it three times. That makes me incredibly happy! Thanks to everyone who visited my booth.

This year was a lot of fun! Next year I'm going to take a break to finish Volume 4. After the nasty cliffhanger in volume 3, I don't want to keep you waiting any longer.

I hope to see you again in 2025! :)

Best wishes Anna aka vinny-vieh

PS: I started an account on TikTok. You'll find some fun facts, take-out scenes, and drawing processes. Here is a short video of my booth at Comiccon Stuttgart:

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