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NonkiCon Speyer

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

NonkiCon is a nice little convention in Speyer with a wide range of offerings like workshops, stage performances, Artist Alley, Maid Cafe, and much more! The highlight of the con was the open cosplay stage on Sunday. The atmosphere and the audience were on fire.

For the first time, I held a workshop on the topic of "manga self-publishing". It was really exciting and to be honest I was a bit nervous. But luckily many visitors came and left the workshop room satisfied.

I really enjoyed the con and considering coming again. One small minus - the artist alley was a bit too close to the noisy stage, which made it difficult to talk to customers. But I'm sure this problem was known and will probably be fixed for the next con.

I would like to thank the organizing team for giving me the opportunity to hold a workshop and for the passion with which they organized the con.

I also like to thank my dear friend Johanna for taking photos. <3

If you are interested in the workshop or want to give feedback, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me via E-Mail. The next Convention will be AnimagiC Rosengarten in Mannheim, 4-6. August. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Best wishes

Anna aka vinny-vieh

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