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Dion Trading Card

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

The German comic initiative "Comic Solidarity" had a fantastic idea to create a trading card game with individual comic artists. I also participated with the main protagonist of "Carrier of the Mask". You can get this wonderful trading card of Dion in a booster pack at the Comic Salon Erlangen (Germany) at the booth of the Comic Solidarity.

There will be also a card game tournament in which you can participate. Get your cards ready! Dion's card isn't really strong. But he has a special ability: If you meet a masked character in the game, Dion will become incredibly powerful and receives 5 points for each value!

More about Comic Solidarity on Facebook and on Patreon. If you are also a comic or manga artist, don't miss the change become a group member of Comic Solidarity on facebook.

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