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carrier of the mask
an epic dark-fantasy comic

Fight for freedom

"Carrier of the Mask" is an adult comic series about a young refugee who loses his arms in a landmine explosion. He can no longer work in the camp and his beloved's son will be born into slavery. His only hope of freeing his people is a mysterious mask that gives the wearer the power of a god. But to claim the mask, he must fight with his only weapon: his legs.

  • 18+ mature content

  • Dark fantasy x dystopia x martial arts

  • black/white with colored intro pages

  • completed in 8 volumes

  • self-published by vinnyvieh


You lost both of your arms. Now you have two options:

  1. Survive and live a life as a cripple in a world that abandoned you.

  2. Be buried alive under a pile of corpses, waiting for the final cremation.​​

Doesn‘t sound good, does it? Let‘s add a third option:



Two men whose destinies are linked to the mysterious mask, and a woman whose interference will have fatal consequences...

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