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Zasshi magazine

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

First issue of Zasshi

You can find an article in the "artist spotlight" about myself in the first Zasshi magazine. Zasshi is a brand new magazine for the German Manga and Anime community.

There is also a photo of myself at the LBM artist booth in the second issue of Zasshi. You can find it in the article about artists booth. It has good tips about how to sell and present your stuff in an artist alley at conventions.

If you are an artist too, feel free to grab one of the issues because the content is mostly user-generated. Everyone can send a manga or an illustration to the magazine and readers can vote, which one should be printed in the next issue.

Instagram post by Zasshi

Here's a picture of myself with both of the magazines in my hand. It was posted in the official Zasshi Instagram site. The photo was taken at Dokomi in Düsseldorf.

A reading extract of "Carrier of the Mask" was also published in the KONEKO magazine issue #089. Koneko ist a German Magazine for Japanese pop culture and I'm grateful for the opportunity to present my comic in this established magazine.

You can find the blog entry here.

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