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TheNinth: Webcomic Platform Launch

A new webcomic platform has risen! TheNinth is an ambitious multilingual platform for independent comic artists around the world. The beta website has launched recently and is already filled with rich content:

Why I think, that the platform has a lot of potential:

  • Love for art The developers are not only very ambitious but also true comic enthusiasts. They engage a lot with the artists to build this platform.

  • Multilingual Adding the option to upload the comics multilingual (in the future) will make this platform accessible for a large audience.

  • Classic Page Reader Webtoons is probably the biggest platform for comic artists to reach an international audience. However, many artists (especially Manga artist) are working with classic paper formats. It takes a lot of time and effort to transform a traditional Manga into a colored webtoon. TheNinth is giving those artists the platform they desperately wanted - with a classic page reader.

  • Age recommendation The artist can add age recommendations and content warnings to their comics. This means, finally, even I can upload my adult comic on a platform! I'm happy to present you the first four chapters of Carrier of the Mask on theNinth!

I'm looking forward to all the features and ideas that the developers are planning. If you want to be up-to-date, feel free to check TheNinth on their Instagram page.

Here are some TheNinth comic recommendations that you should check out :

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