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New fan art by Michael Draws

The last entry for the comic book fan art promotion was made by Michael Draws.

He drew a wonderful and epic Inanis Belua artwork. I'm fascinated by his clean linework.

The fanart promotion is officially over and I'm counting 8 amazing entries. I can't believe how many artists participated (including those who wanted to participate). Thank you so much for making the first Volume of "Carrier of the Mask" very special!

Every participant will get the chance to buy a copy of the book for printing costs and will also get some free goodies (which I'm still working on). I have another little surprise for them: I will make a raffle and give away a CotM shirt.

To all artists:

You are free to sell your fan art and copies/prints if you include the name of the comic and my artist name "Carrier of the Mask by vinny-vieh".

Visit the gallery for more amazing fan arts!

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