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CotM: Now a Voyce.Me Original

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

"Carrier of the Mask" has become a VoyceMe Original and can now be read exclusively as a webcomic on the young and ambitious platform VoyceMe. But what is VoyceMe? Here's an official description by the founder Telano:

"VoyceMe is a site that's filled with fictional stories across every genre and medium. VoyceMe was built to help readers connect with the authors of new books they find, and to help writers engage with their audience."

CotM has already reached more than 20k views in a short period of time and I received lots of positive feedback from the community. I'm incredibly happy to reach so many new readers from across the world! Thanks to a new feature it is now possible to become a sponsor of the series you enjoy on this platform. This is how you can find the sponsor button:

The platform is still in development and I'm looking forward to all the other features that will come up next. The heart of the project is the lively and active discord server with over 8k members. Feel free to join - no matter if you are a reader or creator or a wannabe-creator.

You can find all relevant links in the linktree from

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